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About the process
Perma Ceram technicians come to your house and use a spray-on process to apply a durable, glossy finish to worn, stained bathroom surfaces. We give old bathrooms a new life, at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We guarantee our work for up to five years from date of completion. The work can be completed in less than one day in most cases.

Why resurface?
Resurfacing is a process that will brighten up any bathroom. We can match colors, or if you wish change the color of any fixture. Resurfacing also seals and gives a shiny smooth managable finish to any fixture.

About our finish
* The finish covers cracks and stains.
* REPELS stubborn mold and mildew.
* Perma Ceram's finish is guaranteed against cracking, peeling, or fading.
* Works on fiberglass.
* Your bathroom can be resurfaced in as little as one day.
* Ready to use after 24 hours.
* You can choose the color which fits your decor.

What items can we resurface?
* Bathtubs
* Sinks
* Wall tiles
* Pedestal sinks
* Fiberglass one-piece tub and wall unit
* Fiberglass one-piece unit with ceiling
* Shower stall basin and walls
* Clawfoot tub (inside only: done in home)
* Antique clawfoot tub restoration (complete: done in our shop)
* Shower stall basin
* Fiberglass/Porcelain spot repair
* Complete fiberglass tub or shower bottom repair

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