Don’t Replace.
Resurface and SAVE!

Resurfacing offers you the opportunity to upgrade and beautify your kitchen, bath or laundry room at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

A new bathroom look
in a day or less!

Bathtubs, showers, sinks, tile, countertops, cabinets and other surfaces can be refurbished saving you time and money while producing a durable and easy to clean surface.


Resurface Bathtubs, Countertops, Tile and Sinks
The Perma Ceram’s Poreclaincote and PermaStone refinishing products provide an exceptional finish to your surfaces.

You will have a completely new bathroom, kitchen or laundry room without having to buy new products and pay expensive plumbing fees. When you choose resurfacing you’re choosing a product that will look great and work just like new fixtures.

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Fast. Inexpensive. Beautiful.

There is no need to wait. Use Perma Ceram’s products and have a new bathroom or kitchen at the end of just one day.

The Poreclaincote and PermaStone processes take only a few hours to complete and helps eliminate the likelihood of mold and bacterial growth, making the surface safer for you and your family.

Customize your design with hundreds of colors and styles to compliment your home. We can also custom blend a color to match an existing color pallet on a surface or room.

Call Perma Ceram of Pittsburgh today and treat yourself to a new high-quality bathroom or kitchen in just one day — and for thousands of dollars less than what you’d pay to replace your fixtures or surfaces!