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Other Services

In addition to our bathtub refinishing process, let Perma Ceram of Pittsburgh provide you with a complete bathtub refinishing solution.

Our Additional Services Include:

  • Perma Ceram Surface Protection — We can apply a hydrophobic coating to glass shower doors, windows, granite and bathrooms fixtures. This invisible coating protects your surfaces and reduces cleaning by 90%.
  • Anti-Skid — During the bathtub refinishing process, we can add a material to the bottom surface of the tub that reduces its slickness when wet.
  • Grab Bars — To help ensure your safety when getting in and out of your tub, we can remove, replace or install new grab bars inside the tub area as needed.
  • Shower Doors — To complete the look of your newly finished tub, we can remove existing shower doors, as well as measure for and install new custom-made shower doors.

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