Perma Ceram of Pittsburgh commercial services

Commercial Services

Perma Ceram of Pittsburgh provides repair and refinishing to a wide range of businesses.

We work with the hospitality industry, school districts, apartment and property management companies, as well as home owners who require fiberglass pool or hot tub repair.

Hospitality Industry

New hotel construction requires the installation of many sinks, showers and bathtubs. During construction, there is always the chance the new items will be chipped or damaged. Perma Ceram of Pittsburgh can provide tub, tile and fiberglass refinishing and repair, sink refinishing, and re-grouting or re-caulking services.

School Districts

The wear and tear within schools requires constant upkeep. Perma Ceram of Pittsburgh can refinish anything — from bathroom tile and sinks — to any formica or laminate surface such as desks, countertops and cafeteria tables. We can also refinish bathroom stall partitions, saving thousands of dollars as compared to total replacement.

Apartment and Property Management Companies

We work with apartment and property management companies to repair any damage that may have been done by a previous tenant. We also provide a cost-effective option to updating both older-looking and damaged countertops and cabinets using our PermaStone process. Instead of the cost of replacing, we can refinish or repair on-site at a fraction of the cost.

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